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a circuitous justification preparatory of likely future action

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i’ve been both trying to write something more than rambling monologues and self-indulgent blog posts, and trying new things artistically by using a new medium. that has essentially been the last half year for me. I will in all likelihood post more on the artistic side in the near future as I am currently looking for ways and places to sell said work. however feeling – like one does – that my work has not yet found its legs, I will need to do some adjusting and sorting out of the less inspired experiments. I might still post these somewhere along the line. as a matter of fact much of what I am talking about can already be seen on my personal instagram account. but I feel like this site deserves some more refined presentation so I don’t feel like deleting half the site again somewhere down the road. I’ve already felt for a while like I should delete some of these blog posts, but I’ll let them sit here for a while longer I think. they aren’t hurting any and if my other plan turns out to have some merit they should be buried relatively quickly. to come back to the artistic side of things. I’ll do some documenting and uploading in the near future. we will see what comes of that.

here’s a sneak peek.


coral one

spray paint. - land scapes